Negative effect of face mask

Negative effect of face mask

What can be a negative effect on the skin by placing a face mask on the face for a long time? learn

 Every woman has a basic right to decorate. In the past, when women’s preparation was limited to just one cream, mascara, women used it all over – and in recent days, when modern technology has introduced hundreds of types of facial cream, cleansing country and masks, they do not even use women behind anyone and they are used in the desire to look better, one of which is a special face mask.

 The mask not only saves woman’s skin from wrinkles, but also cleanses them with shiny and stained spots, but during its use, women sometimes do it in the absence of an expert, which instead of benefiting from it – women think that keeping a mask for a long time will make their skin more and more better, but instead it causes some damages that are like this.

 If you use a moisturizing mask to keep it on the face for a long time after it’s dry, it causes fear of closing the face pore as the mask tightens the skin and after a certain limit, the pore starts closing due to which it is likely to get out of the face after removing the mask.

 Keeping the mask on the skin for a long time, after the mask is dry, the face starts absorbing moisture, due to which natural moisture is absorbed and the skin gets crushed and dry instead of getting refreshed.

 Due to keeping a mask for a long time, the skin becomes dry, due to which the risk of getting wrinkles increases and the skin is covered, which can be harmful to the skin.

 Masks contain chemicals that if applied to the skin for longer, it can affect the skin and can cause itching due to allergies.

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