Face wash for clean skin and softness

Face wash for clean skin and softness

Make this face wash once a winter and use it daily, so that your skin stays clean and soft at home

 Nowadays, the skin is not only dry or dull, but it is getting worse due to dead acne sales and moisture in the skin is also getting worse. However, learn from the women corner today how to make such a wonderful face wash that works to enhance your beauty this season and also helps clean the dirt in open sores.

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 Wash the cucumber well.

 Cut its slice and put it in the blender as well as add a spoon of lemon juice and half a spoon of tea leaf and blend it. Now save it in a bottle.

 Lijiye is ready for your great and cheap face wash.

 The palm contains rich fibers, carbs, proteins, vitamin c, k and b, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc riboflavin and magnesium, as well as skin lifting lacteralites that help to clear skin problems, soften the skin, and control acne problems, while theobromine and theophylline present in tea leaves help to eliminate skin dry and control.

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