PTI demanded Imran khan security from the government

PTI demanded Imran khan security from the government

 Lahore: The PTI asked the government for Imran khan’s security and requested the security in a letter from CCP olahor.

 According to the details, PTI asked for the security of Imran khan from the government for the visit of PTI Imran Khan to Lahore.

 In this regard, the letter was written by the party leadership to CCPO Lahore, which has been requested by the CCPO for security from 4 to 10 PM.

Ramiz Raja Cut Off Contact With Imran Khan

 It was said that Imran Khan will address the gatherings regarding the by-election in 4 places in Lahore tomorrow.

 Remember, chairman PTI Imran khan will reach Lahore tomorrow at 3 pm, where he will address the worker convention on PP 168 at 4 pm, PP 158 at 5 pm, PP 170 at 6 pm, and PP 169.

 Sources say that the convention will be held in other districts of Punjab, and the chairman of the PTI has issued a full campaign directive.

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