Pakistan Afghanistan border news Today

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Pakistan Afghanistan border news

Pakistan Afghanistan border news Today

At least 47 dead in Afghanistan after Pakistan attacks: Officials

The Pakistani army has killed 47 people in the air strikes on khost and kunar provinces of Afghanistan, while Islamabad has urged Kabul to take action against the fighters using Afghan land against Pakistan.
According to the French news agency AFP, tensions on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan have increased after the taliban came to power last year and Islamabad claims that the militant groups are using Afghan land for continuous attacks.

Afghanistan death toll in ‘Pakistan strikes’ rises to at least 47: officials
On the other hand, the taliban have denied sheltering Pakistani fighters, but at the same time they are angry with Pakistan for fencing the 27 km border.

Says death toll is 48. ’24 members of my own family were also killed,’ he told AFP.
Jamshed, a tribal leader of khost, has also confirmed that the death toll is more than 40. According to him, ‘I went with many other people yesterday to donate blood to the injured.’
Saturday was told by authorities that five children and one woman were killed in a similar attack in kunar.
Afghanistan’s private TV channel tolo also ran home debris and blood footage after the attack in khost.
Pakistan has yet to comment on the attacks, however Pakistan’s foreign ministry on Sunday urged Kabul to stop the war attacks.
Pakistan’s foreign ministry said ‘Pakistan requests Afghanistan’s sovereign government to secure the border and take action against elements involved in terrorist ACTS in Pakistan.’

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