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International Scholarship of University of Alberta Canada 2024

The University of Alberta offers several scholarships to international students to attend university in Canada. International students who are exceptional and want in the University of Alberta are considered as applicants for admission-based and scholarship based on application. The application process is currently open to students who will start their studies in 2024.

An award application provides an opportunity to highlight your most impressive qualities as well as your achievements in university at University of Alberta and in the community you live in. It is possible that you will be applying for the scholarships that you don’t even need to apply for. The scholarship will be assessed to determine these scholarships once you submit your application to be considered for admission.


  • Award Sponsor(s): University of Alberta, Canada
  • Host Institution(s): University of Alberta, Canada
  • Award Value: Full tuition Award
  • The number of awards:Several
  • Study Level: Undergraduates
  • The Nationality of the Student: International Students

Not applicable University of Alberta International Scholarships 2024

Its General International Undergraduate Scholarships includes scholarships based on admission and application and you can see what is open to you.

1# President’s international Distinction Award:

Students with an outstanding standard of admission and demonstrated the ability to lead in their first year of undergraduate degree with the Student Visa Permit could receive the equivalent of $120,000 dollars (payable in 4 years).

2# May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship:

Students who have a higher academic record and self-declared financial necessity entering their initial year undergraduate degree with the Student Visa Permit who are Chinese or Hong Kong citizens could receive as much as 100,000 (payable over a period of 4 years).

3# International Leader Scholarship

Highly educated leaders who are well-rounded could receive as much as $10,000 in CAD.

4# International Admission Scholarship:

The top students may be awarded upwards of $5,000CAD subject to admission an average.

5# Regional Excellence Scholarship:

The top students in specific areas could be eligible for as much as $5,000 in CAD according to the admissions average.

6# Gold Standard Scholarship:

The top 10 percentage of students within the respective faculty may receive anything from to $6,000 depending on the admissions average.

Conditions for Eligibility

In order to be considered to be considered for University of Alberta International Scholarships 2024, students are required to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Students must be from the international student community.
  • The applicant need to be an undergraduate student
  • Individuals must be prepared to complete a full-time course
  • Achieving academic excellence can be a benefit for applicants to admission-based scholarship

Application Methods

How-to-ApplyTo be evaluated to apply for University of Alberta International Scholarships 2024, you need to apply to a bachelor’s degree program prior to applying to any of the entrance scholarships. Read some guidelines on how to apply or download the online application for scholarships to begin.

Applications Tips

  • Create your application using an external document that is not part of the Student Application Portalto take advantage of grammar and spelling correction software to avoid any technical issues with the application.
  • Concentrate on the most significant achievements you have achieved. Choose the top accomplishments or achievements you’re most proud of, and concentrate on them in your application. Experiences and achievements could encompass however they aren’t limited to mentoring, involvement in the community volunteering, community service as well as academics, athletics as well as involvement with clubs or societies.
  • Your responses should be well-thought out and well-crafted. The application should reflect what you stand for and who you’re passionate about.
  • Include specific instances of events that show growth and reflection in your own life or generally throughout your life.
  • Find out what you can do to set yourself above other applicants for scholarships. Write down your achievements or experiences that show your contribution.
  • Show your creativity, express your enthusiasm, and write the things into your own phrases. An original, well-designed application can help you make a mark

Deadline for applications 11 January 2024

Visit the official site to find out more details

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