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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 29 March 2022

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 29 March 2022

Gold rates are an important factor that is looked into when buying gold. It is a commodity that will never lose its value, and it can be bought in the form of coins or bars.

Gold rates have been on the rise since the start of 2018. This is due to various factors such as inflation, economic growth and geopolitical uncertainty.

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan 29 March 2022

Gold Rate21k Gold22k Gold24k Gold
1Gram GoldRs. 9707Rs. 10179Rs. 11094
10 Gram GoldRs. 97073Rs. 101694Rs. 110940
1Tola GoldRs. 113225Rs. 118616Rs. 129400

Gold is a precious metal that has been used as currency and investment for many years.


It is one of the most stable assets in the world, which makes it an attractive investment option.

Gold prices depend on various factors such as demand, supply and economic stability.

Gold is a valuable commodity and it has been used as a form of currency for centuries.

The price of gold fluctuates depending on the economic situation in the world. In Pakistan, the Gold rate is Rs. 58,000 per 10 grams whereas in the world, it is Rs. 22,500 per 10 grams.

Gold is a valuable metal that has been used as currency, jewelry, and in other ways for thousands of years.

Gold is a valuable metal that has been used as currency, jewelry, and in other ways for thousands of years. Gold’s value comes from its scarcity and its resistance to corrosion. In fact, gold has been so valuable throughout history that people have even used it to create artwork.

It is estimated that the world’s total supply of gold is about 190,000 metric tons (220 million troy ounces). The vast majority of this supply comes from mining operations around the world.

Gold is a valuable resource that has been used as currency for centuries.

Gold is a valuable resource that has been used as currency for centuries. Gold is rare and cannot be created or destroyed. Gold has always been perceived as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, which is why it has been used to create jewelry, coins, and medals.

Gold can be found in many forms such as gold nuggets, dust, flakes, or chunks of gold ore. It can also be found in the form of gold bars or even coins.

Gold is a metal that has been used as currency for centuries. It is also used in jewelry and other decorative items.

Gold has been used for centuries as a currency because it does not tarnish, corrode or react to acid. Gold is a valuable resource because it cannot be created artificially and it can be recycled over and over again.

Gold is not just valuable in the sense of its worth; it’s also valuable in the sense of how long we’ve had it around. Humans have been using gold to create jewelry since they were first able to work with metals, which was somewhere between 4,000 and 7,500 years ago.

Gold has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years. It is one of the most sought after commodities in the world.

Gold has been used as a currency, an investment instrument and a symbol of wealth since ancient times. The price of gold is typically determined by the current value of paper currencies and economic conditions.

Gold price in Pakistan

Gold is a precious metal that is found in the earth’s crust. It has been used as money and an investment vehicle for thousands of years.

Gold is a yellowish, malleable, and ductile metal with a chemical symbol of Au and atomic number 79. Gold is one of the oldest forms of money. It has been used as money for over 6,000 years because it doesn’t corrode or tarnish easily. Gold also does not have any other major industrial uses which means that it cannot be replaced by any other material if it were to suddenly become scarce.

The value of gold comes from its scarcity and use in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, medicine, space exploration etc…

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, malleable, shiny, ductile metal with a bright yellow color. Gold is used in jewelry, coins and electronics because of its resistance to corrosion and other undesirable reactions.

Gold has been used as currency since ancient times. It was one of the earliest currencies in the world, first introduced by Mesopotamia around 2000 BC. The gold standard for pricing was established in 1892 by the United Kingdom as 100 pounds worth of gold per 1 pound sterling (GBP)

Gold is found in a number of locations around the world.

Gold rate in Pakistan today

The gold-bearing rocks are usually found in quartz veins and they have to be crushed and ground up to extract the gold. The process of extracting gold from the ore is called “refining”.

Gold mining can take place on land or underwater. The most common way for extracting gold from ore is using a process called “heap leaching” which involves running water over the ore to dissolve the gold, then collecting it off the top.

Gold is the most popular precious metal in the world. It is a very stable investment and has been used for trading for thousands of years. Gold is also a resource that can be found in many different places.

The first place where gold can be found is deep down in the earth’s crust, where it was formed billions of years ago. This type of gold is called primary gold and it accounts for less than 2% of all the gold on earth. Primary gold usually comes from mines and can’t be easily accessed by humans because it’s buried deep underground or mixed with other minerals that are hard to separate out.

gold bars
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The second place where we find gold is in rivers, streams, and oceans around the world. These deposits are called secondary deposits because they were formed when rocks containing primary deposits

Gold is usually found in the form of nuggets or dust. As it is not always easy to find, people have developed different methods to find gold.

The most famous and traditional method of finding gold is panning, which involves using a pan filled with water and a small amount of mercury or other metal to separate the heavier gold from lighter materials.

Gold rate in Pakistan today per tola

What is the 22K Gold Rate in Pakistan?

22K Gold price in Pakistan on 29 Mar 2022 are given below:
10 Gram gold is for Rs 104760
1 Tola is for Rs 122189

1 Gram GoldRs. 10476
10 Gram GoldRs. 104760
1Tola GoldRs. 122189
1OunceRs. 296989

Gold price in Pakistan today

How is the gold price today in Pakistan per gram arrived at?

1) currency: if the rupee falls against the dollar, the price of gold in Pakistan becomes expensive per gram. 2) international factors: these include unstable policies, slowing global economic growth, strengthening of the dollar against a basket of currencies.
 3) global demand for precious metal: In Pakistan today, demand plays an important role in determining the rate of per gram of gold. Prices will fall if demand is not strong. On the other hand, gold prices will rise at the time of good demand.
 4) interest rate: many people do not know, but interest rate is a major factor affecting gold prices in Pakistan. When interest rates are high in big countries like America, gold rates fall and when they fall, gold rates are high.
 5) government policies: sometimes the government also discourages gold consumption. For example, this happens when prices are rising and the current account is rising. These days the government discourages the use of gold, so as to ensure that there is no problem with the deficit. Already the nation has so much gold, you have so much gold that already exists.
 6) prices: high gold prices in Pakistan today have also discouraged consumption in the country. Recently, gold prices in Pakistan rose up to Rs 114,366 per 10 grams. However, the whole process of how to reach gold prices in Pakistan is more complex, which we will discuss in the post-article quotations.

Is inflation a big determinant of gold rates in Pakistan?

Inflation is not a major factor in gold prices in Pakistan today. People argue that when inflation is high, with them, you have things like gold prices rising. In fact, gold prices are the only time inflation gets higher. Let’s give you an example. When inflation rises in America, gold prices fall at such a time, because the US federal reserve is ready to increase the interest rates in America. This leads to the trend of selling gold, because the rising interest rate means that people rush to sell gold and buy instruments where the interest rate is high. These will usually be your sovereign bonds in the us. Therefore, the production of gold and American bonds move in different directions. They are safe and offer you regular interest, which makes them a very attractive bet for the long term. So, those who say that inflation and gold prices go in the same direction, their statement will be wrong. In 2018, the biggest decision for gold in Pakistan will be to move interest rates in America, which should be high and therefore gold prices are high rather than low. So, look before investing. One thing we want to say is that inflation in Pakistan is not a big decision for gold prices all over the world. Global inflation matters for many reasons. The first is that an increase in inflation means an increase in the interest rate, which increases the interest rate and therefore affects gold prices.

Method for buying gold coins in Pakistan?

You can buy gold COINS in Pakistan in different grams. Interestingly, buying gold COINS gives you all kinds of weight. These include up to 1 gram, 2 gram, 4 gram and 10 gram. There are many other ways to buy precious metal. You get gold in different designs like pictures of different gods. You have to ensure purity before buying gold. Ideally, you can buy gold at some of Pakistan’s most famous centers. If you buy gold through a credit card, there is also a tax that you will pay on precious metal. So, you need to be a little bit cautious. Also, if you want to buy COINS, we recommend that you do so from the famous jeweler shops in the country. Another option is to look at the bars, but it’s likely to be very expensive. If you are buying gold COINS, a good option would be to see some Banks, who also tend to supply these COINS. Some of these are Swiss gold COINS and packing is evidence of considerable tampering. In short, you have the option to buy from several places. It is very important to test the purity of metal in all cases. Also, don’t forget to take the receipt while buying the gold, because it can put you in a good place when you want to sell the precious metal. Just go for a long term purchase of metal. You can also buy gold COINS, gold etfs gold bars, swarren gold bonds and there are many choices, all of them depend on your own desire and what kind and variety you are available. We suggest that you buy gold COINS through many Banks in Pakistan.

How do gold rates in Pakistan change?

Gold prices in Pakistan depend on many factors, including international gold prices, currency rate movements and local tariffs. But, the only major reason for the rise in gold prices is international prices. When international gold prices are high, there is a change in gold prices in Pakistan. The price of gold today will always be different from what you see tomorrow. However, gold prices in Pakistan do not change on Sunday, as there is no trade. If you’re looking at today’s Pakistan gold rate, don’t forget to visit our portal and see the latest rates.
 Now let’s understand each of the factors separately.
 Gold prices fall when inflation rises. This is because there are concerns that interest rates will rise as inflation speeds up in the economy. A major factor in gold prices in Pakistan is currency movements, so keep an eye on early morning trading of rupee movements against the US dollar, another major factor. Of course, the biggest thing is the ability to transfer international prices. The more political tensions, risks and other factors, the greater the speed of gold movements in Pakistan. This is because we see global aggregate demand, which is why domestic prices run together. Overall, this is a good step for precious metal in the coming days. So I always check the rates before I buy gold.

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