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Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 18 April 2022

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 18 April 2022

Gold rates are an important factor that is looked into when buying gold. It is a commodity that will never lose its value, and it can be bought in the form of coins or bars.

Gold rates have been on the rise since the start of 2018. This is due to various factors such as inflation, economic growth and geopolitical uncertainty.

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan 18 April 2022

Gold Rate21k Gold22k Gold24k Gold
1Gram GoldRs. 9917Rs. 10389Rs. 11334
10 Gram GoldRs. 99073Rs.
Rs. 113440
1Tola GoldRs. 115775Rs. 121382Rs. 132400

Gold is a valuable metal that has been used as currency, jewelry, and in other ways for thousands of years. Gold’s value comes from its scarcity and its resistance to corrosion. In fact, gold has been so valuable throughout history that people have even used it to create artwork.


It is estimated that the world’s total supply of gold is about 190,000 metric tons (220 million troy ounces). The vast majority of this supply comes from mining operations around the world.

Gold is a valuable resource that has been used as currency for centuries. Gold is rare and cannot be created or destroyed. Gold has always been perceived as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, which is why it has been used to create jewelry, coins, and medals.

Gold rate in Pakistan today

The first place where gold can be found is deep down in the earth’s crust, where it was formed billions of years ago. This type of gold is called primary gold and it accounts for less than 2% of all the gold on earth. Primary gold usually comes from mines and can’t be easily accessed by humans because it’s buried deep underground or mixed with other minerals that are hard to separate out.

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The second place where we find gold is in rivers, streams, and oceans around the world. These deposits are called secondary deposits because they were formed when rocks containing primary deposits

Gold is usually found in the form of nuggets or dust. As it is not always easy to find, people have developed different methods to find gold.

The most famous and traditional method of finding gold is panning, which involves using a pan filled with water and a small amount of mercury or other metal to separate the heavier gold from lighter materials.

Gold rate in Pakistan today per tola

What is the 22K Gold Rate in Pakistan?

22K Gold price in Pakistan on 18 April 2022 are given below:
10 Gram gold is for Rs 104760
1 Tola is for Rs 103894

Gold price in Pakistan today

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