100 Expensive Agricultural Machines and Smart Tools

100 Expensive Agricultural Machines and Smart Tools

Witness the epitome of luxury farming with “100 Expensive Agricultural Machines and Smart Tools.” This video showcases a breathtaking lineup of top-tier agriculture machines that redefine opulence in farming. From cutting-edge tractors to sophisticated harvesting equipment, delve into the world of high-end agriculture machines that cater to the most discerning farmers. Explore the extraordinary capabilities and advanced technology of these agriculture machines, redefining the landscape of modern farming. Join us on this exclusive journey through the realm of premium agriculture machines that exemplify luxury and innovation in agriculture. Experience the extravagance of 100 exclusive agriculture machines, truly a class apart!

“Good day, farming enthusiasts! Join us on SmartTech as we explore the world of modern agricultural machines and how they’re revolutionizing the farming industry. This is a self-propelled Strutman Verix feed mixer with a useful volume of 11 to 20 cubic meters of silage.

Digging and feed distribution with one machine, precise feeding, and a six-cylinder powerful engine for high performance and low consumption have combined to make this model a low-cost worker in every sense. Power, user-friendliness, worker comfort, reliability, and compactness were the main points considered when designing the machine and adapting it to professional use.

The Strutman Verde Mix system, from the equipment of the mixer to its service, is an incredibly clever all-in-one solution. Tilling your vineyards and preparing them for the new season is now even easier. The special hydraulic system of this cutter ensures very fine work. The machine is used for pruning annuals, and thanks to the quick opening and closing of the basket around the boom, there are practically no loose shoots.

The maintenance-free pressure accumulator cylinder guarantees continuous flawless operation even after numerous working sessions. All in all, this machine is a pleasure to work with. Gus Herbicide is not an autonomous robotic sprayer designed to revolutionize the management of modern gardens. It utilizes a sophisticated weed detection system with nine sensors that accurately identify and spot spray weeds on the garden floor.

By integrating this advanced technology, Gus Herbicide ensures precise herbicide application, minimizing material use and drift during the application process. This benefits the environment and increases safety for both operators and products.

Enoan has many years of experience in manufacturing weed burners of all sizes and for various purposes. The manufacturer has patented The Ether system, which allows the machine to reduce propane consumption by up to 40% and significantly reduce noise levels. For organic farmers, this weed burner is specifically designed with the beds on ridges in organic production in mind.

When burned, this machine removes weeds in the rows and interrows without damaging the cultivated plants. This operating principle is different from traditional weed burners. Oxo designed the 7450 as a high-performance top-loading harvester for gardeners with high yields and large bushes.

The machine can harvest many crops, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. With the new Dino Rotor Max picking system, the 7450 can pick more ripe fruit with each pass. A larger tunnel, wider neck, and wider belts improve throughput and product storage, even with high tonnage varieties. To increase travel speed, the manufacturer used a new high-efficiency ground cotton harvest drive.

The harvesters designed and manufactured by Utch are the result of years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and customer needs. The Uteg harvesting tool is suitable for many vegetables, from arugula to spinach, from cabbage to iceberg lettuce, including aromatic herbs such as basil and mint.

The machine guarantees precision, high performance, and delicate harvesting of all leafy vegetables. Thanks to its efficiency, it can reduce labor, improve working conditions, and raise the hygienic and quality characteristics of the product to a new level.

Amadas is a world-leading innovator of peanut harvesting and processing machines and equipment. This machine is designed to minimize peanut loss and extract more dirt from your crop than any other machine on the market. The company’s peanut Digger SL inverter is customized and designed to meet your specific planting requirements.

Best of all, such a machine fully provides smooth speed control and automatic anti-jamming thanks to its unique hydraulic drive system. The Prob Bar 2021 is a trailed harvester that efficiently picks blueberries, black currants, and blackberries. The machine uses a special system of shaking berries from the bush, slowing down their free fall to the catching system.

It also removes dry leaves and branches with an intensive airflow. The main feature of the technique is the picking of only mature berries and protection from mechanical damage to the plants themselves and their crop. This reduces the percentage of damage to plucked berries due to the pneumatic cushion and technology of soft fall. Also, the harvested fruit can be delivered directly to the consumer without additional cleaning, which is also important.

The Amadas AR2200 series advanced rotary harvester delivers incredible productivity and harvesting speed through a combination of several factors. Its preconditioning cylinders and twin 30-inch diameter axial rotors are equipped with durable spring tines. The innovative rotary harvester is designed to be able to work even in the toughest and most unfavorable conditions. So, as you can see for yourself, the new AR2200 is a powerful machine for experienced growers who are interested in maximizing productivity during the harvest season.

The FSX series Arcusin Auto Stack is a revolutionary product on the market designed to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of hay and straw bale harvesting. It requires only one operator, an automatic bale loader with an automatic T that picks up the bales where they lie in the field without the need to turn them around.

The bales are lifted onto the loading platform using sensors and a pusher. The bales are then delivered to the trailer using rollers. Side panels provide stability and bale leveling while the tilting trailer allows for easy and safe unloading. Progressive suspension with long-travel pesticide sprayer and flotation tires on the FSX model provides optimum stability on any surface without damaging the ground.

The industrial method of garlic harvesting makes it possible to increase labor productivity several times, significantly reducing costs and harvesting time while ensuring high-quality harvesting. The principle of operation of the T20B harvester from Assa Lift is extremely simple. It digs garlic with the stem out of the soil, strips the product from the soil residues, cuts off the bulb from the stem, and loads the cut heads onto the conveyor belt into a big bin.

All moving parts of the combine are driven by hydraulic motors, and the depth of the knife is regulated only mechanically. All in all, a serious and indispensable thing. This is how the TSP 275 trailer loader works from Assa Lift. This advanced machine does an impressive job harvesting sweet potatoes.

The machine’s soft plow shares lift the crop onto the picker belt, where hydraulic shakers remove the soil before the crop goes to the sorting table for manual sorting. The combine is assembled with only the highest quality parts for long life, reliability, and low operating expenses.

The trailed carrot harvester by Assa Lift will win the heart of any farmer, as it will easily perform all the most difficult and dirty work. Harvesting of root crops is carried out by partial digging and grabbing of the haulm, and a special carrot harvester separates the haulm without damaging the carrots themselves.

The manufacturer installed on the machine a finger system with a hydraulic drive, which allows you to knock down or remove the soil from the crop. As for technical characteristics, the transportation belts were lengthened, its own hydraulics, and drawbar with a hydraulic cylinder were installed. A good thing, I must say.

Assa Lift is the world leader in cabbage harvesting machines, and their TK series cabbage harvester is world-class. Here is the trailed version of the TK100. Cabbage can either be stacked manually into containers or fed via a conveyor belt to the trailer on the side of the combine. The row spacing for the

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