YouTube content creators can now temporarily hold new comment

YouTube content creators can now temporarily hold new comments on their videos. This allows them to control when new comments appear without affecting the existing ones. This feature provides more flexibility for managing comments on YouTube videos.

YouTube recently talked about a new feature called ‘Pause Comments‘ on their informal Creator Insider channel.

This feature is being tested, and it lets content creators stop new comments from appearing on their videos. The special thing is that it won’t affect the comments that were already there.

Before, creators could only choose to review new comments or completely turn them off. Now, they can stop new comments temporarily, keeping the old ones.

Right now, this is still being tested on some accounts, and YouTube might make it available to everyone later.

According to, this is a good move by YouTube because content creators often deal with bullying and spam. With this feature, they can keep the good comments and stop anyone from adding new ones.

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