2nd Year

What Should Do After FSC

What Should Do After FSC

All students who are taking the second year exam. My advice to everyone except medical or engineering thinkers is to make IT and CSS your target.

A BS degree is of no use, especially for the children of middle class people. Are Follow my advice, use your intellect and focus on skills. Your special skills can benefit you in the long run
Every field in Pakistan is full of its graduates. So now the political turmoil and the economic situation in the country has gotten so bad that the new posts (educators, hospitals, nurses, clerks, doctors) will not be so many that you can take one degree, one test, one interview. Will be selected later, not at all.

You will also need a good amount of money and the recommendation of a strong political or high rank of Pakistani forces which is not enough for every graduate.

My advice to all my children and their parents is that instead of many long term government jobs, you should take a short term private job and gain experience in your respective field and prepare yourself as a team leader and your business needs a lot. Do your business on a small scale. The government has been coming and going, but the time that we are all waiting for will never come.

Note. If you disagree with my writing then you have the right to disagree but reject my writing with argument.
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