1st Year Notes

1st Year English Notes For Class 11

1st Year English Notes For Class 11

Hope all is well and And I welcome you to this website. As you know, the economic situation of some people in Pakistan is not good. But people who don’t have anything like to educate their children but they don’t have money. What happens then is that their children cannot study in good educational institutions

A Plus Of All Books

Sunshine Book

Such children enroll in government schools or colleges. There is no fee in such schools and colleges due to which they can continue their education but it is difficult for them to buy books.

So for those kids who don’t have money to buy books, I have uploaded notes in this article which they can download and continue their education.

What Is the advantages of 1st year English Notes For Class 11 ?

This will not only benefit those who do not have books, but will also be of great benefit to children who want to study outside the home. As you know it is very difficult to take books out of the house in hard form so people do not like to take books out. And you also know that nowadays everyone has a mobile phone. If you do get the benefit of any modern mobile phone and books in the form of carrying the same PDF in your mobile phone. Which will be even more difficult to carry on with the books and you will be able to continue their education

2 Button ButtonDownload
3Clearing in the SkyDownload
4Dark They were,and Golden-EyedDownload
5Thank you,MamDownload
6 The Piece of StringDownload
7The RewardDownload
8The Use of ForceDownload
9The Gulistan of SadiDownload
10The Foolish QuackDownload
11A Mild Attack of LocustsDownload
12 I Have a DreamDownload
13The Gift of the MagiDownload
14God be PraisedDownload
16The Angle and the Author-and OthersDownload


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